First issue, 1979
Richard Toronto talks about Shavertron:

“The original Shavertron was a fanzine devoted to the Shaver
and the life and times of Richard Sharpe Shaver and his
Ray Palmer. This leaves the playing field wide open since the
Shaver Mystery is rife with UFOs, a race of evil weirdos living inside
the earth, mind control, a high-tech Elder Race pre-dating our
history, abductions, conspiracies and, of course, the sci-fi pulp zine
scene of the late 1940s.

“The ‘mystery’ began in a
1945 issue of AMAZING STORIES magazine
with an article titled
‘A Warning to Future Man.’ Editor Ray Palmer
and writer Richard Shaver collaborated from there to bring Shaver's
unusual cosmology into the world of sci-fi pulp zine literature.

“The Shaver Mystery gasped its last breath when Shaver and Palmer
died within two years of each other in the mid-1970s. We stopped
publishing Shavertron in 1992 since most Shaver Mystery readers
were gone (mostly dead) with few leftovers to take their place.
“Writers like Jim Pobst, Brian Tucker, Doug Skinner, Tal, Timothy Green (Mr. UFO) Beckley , Mary Martin
The Hollow Hassle), Branton, Bill Bliss and Gene Steinberg did what they could to keep the Mystery going.

“The scene eventually merged with water-cooler chit-chat about UFOs, abductions and government
conspiracies, all of which were a big part of the Shaver Mystery. Back in 1947, the Shaver Mystery was a
bizarre topic of household conversation (probably at cocktail time). Today it's obscure sci-fi history...though
it is now being rediscovered by a new circle of oddity seekers and outsider art buffs.”

© Richard Toronto
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