Tamper, a novel by Bill Ectric, is about a boy named Whit who grows up in the
1960s obsessed with paranormal research, B-movies, and strange noises drifting up from
the basement of his parents' house. By the mid-70s he is experimenting with drugs and
seeing a psychiatrist, trying to solve the mystery of his obsession with the number 4.
Whit and three friends meet a reclusive mystery writer who hints that the answer may
be found in the ancient burial chambers under the island of Malta.

“Engaging literary fiction with compelling characters, interesting plot with twists, and the skillful
layering of several genres, including history, mystery, and, in the case of Bill Ectric‘s novel
also a dab or two of the paranormal.” -
Claudia Moscovici, author of Romanticism and
and Velvet Totalitarianism

If you like secret panels and passages, pulp magazines like Amazing Stories, Fate, and Weird Tales,
Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception, small-town childhood escapades reminiscent of Jean
Shepherd's A Christmas Story, arcane historical fiction, Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,
Tamper is your kind of book.  
Tamper takes its name from 1940 pulp science fiction writer Richard
Shaver, who claimed that underground mutants were
tampering with his mind with invisible rays.
Whit can relate!