Mystery Games
Turn any living room, den, or kitchen into an Old Dark House
Clue (Parker Brothers, 1949)

Clue, the classic murder mystery board game, was
invented in England by Anthony E. Pratt in 1949. The game
board depicts various rooms in a mansion through which
the players move their game pieces. There is even a
secret passage from one corner of the board to the other.

Above: The original game; top right: Clue Premier Edition;
middle right: 1992 Edition; bottom right: Simpsons Edition
Alfred Hitchcock Why Mystery Game (Milton Bradley,
BoardGameGeek says:
“Once upon a time, six people on their way to a
costume party took shelter from a storm in a haunted
house, and were never seen alive since. But they still
haunt the house. You must try to find out who was
murdered, by what means and why…”
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Haunted House (Ideal, 1962) says:

“The 1962 Haunted House game made
by the IDEAL toy company is unique
in many ways, but most importantly it
is one of the only board games in
history that's played vertically!

"The object of the game is make your
way through the haunted house, get
the treasure, and escape. Along the
way you'll encounter 'weird
obstacles', mystery messages, trap
doors, spooks behind closed doors,
and a ruby jewel in the attic."

Green Ghost (First manufactured by
Transogram in 1965. Transogram
sold its toy line to Marx Toys in 1970.
In 1997,  Marx Toys released a 30th
Anniversary edition)

BoardGameGeek says, “Marketed as the
first glow-in-the-dark game . . . the
glowing does not work as well as
showed on the television commercials,
which, if you watched carefully, were
filmed using black light. (If you wish to
play the game, you may like to use a
black light yourself.)
“The board is up on stilts and the "path"
has holes in it so that movers may fall
through and thereby gain the privilege
of opening one of the three pits
(cardboard boxes containing ghoulish
feeling items) and retrieving one of the
precious small green ghosts.”

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