Bill Ectric
Bill’s first novel, Tamper,  takes its name from pulp science fiction writer Richard
Shaver's description of fiendish creatures that used invisible rays to "tamper" with
the minds of humans. A boy named Whit, obsessed with the
"Shaver Mystery" ,
begins to hear strange noises in his parents' basement, which may or may not be
Tamper begins with school friends who want to be paranormal investigators,
follows them through summer treasure hunts, dark autumnal secrets, Whit's drug-
induced psychosis, and finally to the island of Malta, where, according to an actual

1940 National Geographic article
, a field trip of children and their teacher
disappeared without a trace in the ancient
Hypogeum burial chambers.
1973, Rota, Spain
billectric (at) aol (dot) com
2009, Jacksonville, FL
Bill Ectric wants to believe he can erase the line between mysticism and science.
He likes to blend the genres of mystery, humor, science fiction, psychological
drama, and metafiction.

Bill wanted to be a writer since he was a child, but got side-tracked when he
impulsively joined the Navy after graduating from high school in 1972. His duties at
the Naval Air Station in Rota, Spain included towing and fueling jet aircraft. When
off duty, Bill ran wild in Spain, Morocco, London, and Greece. He didn't get much
writing done in those days, but is now making up for it with gusto. Bill is rarely
specific about his past escapades, preferring to let his stories speak for themselves,
with some blurring between reality and fiction.
There is a thriving literary scene in Jacksonville, FL, as exemplified by the annual Jax
by Jax Literary Arts Festival and various readings and events at the legendary
Chamblin Book Mine
, The San Marco Bookstore, Chamblin's Uptown, and other
venues. Bill is happy to be a part of it. He has been published in Jacksonville's arts &
entertainment newspaper
Folio Weekly.
Right: Sohrab Fracis, author
Ticket to Minto and Go
, with Bill Ectric in the
Cool Moose Cafe at the Jax
by Jax Literary Arts Festival.
On the internet, Bill's work has appeared on Literary Kicks, Empty Mirror Books,
Sein und Werden, Candlelight Stories, Red Fez, Boston Poetry, Spolia, Folio Weekly,
Gin Mill Cowboy, Lit Up Magazine, The Beat, and Perversion Magazine.
Right: Bill appears as a
commentator discussing
pulsating paisley
ectoplasm in Steve
Aylett's satirical film,
LINT, the Movie,
starring Alan Moore.
This "mockumentary" is
to science fiction what
This Is Spinal Tap is to
heavy metal music.
Bill lives with his wife in the "Arlington" area of Jacksonville, Florida. By day, when not writing, Bill mows the lawn
and complains about the heat. By night, he practices lucid dreaming.

Left: Writer Steve Aylett  with
Bill in Boston.

Bill's interview with Steve
Aylett is

A book of essays on the
writings of Steve Aylett, edited
by Bill Ectric and D. Harlan
Wilson is
Left: April 6, 2005 - Bill with Stetson Kennedy in
Tallahassee, Florida, when Kennedy was inducted into
the Florida Artists Hall of Fame by the State Division of
Cultural Affairs. Bill's interview with Stetson Kennedy

photo by Lou Salome
Bill in Spain, 1974
Bill in Spain, 1974